Key to Tasmanian Dicots
1. Gaultheria hispida
2. *Erica holosericea
3. Epacris impressa
4. Archeria comberi

5. Sprengelia incarnata

6. Epacris virgata
7. Prionotes cerinthoides


* introduced species

ERICACEAE (including Epacridaceae) 2:415

The Ericaceae (including the now-defunct Epacridaceae) are important in Tasmania, with about 95 native species, 62% of which are endemic. They are prominent in most vegetation, and range from prostrate alpine shrubs to wet forest trees. A few species of Erica, Rhododendron and Calluna have become naturalised.

The flowers are often small but conspicuous. The corolla is typically a tube with four or five short lobes. Sprengelia has a short tube with long lobes. In Richea the tube is closed. The anthers are often fused to the corolla. There is a single style attached to the top of the superior ovary. The leaves are hard, tough and often narrow, pointed, entire and with parallel veins. In Richea, Dracophyllum and Sprengelia the leaf bases sheathe the stems.

Key to Genera
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