Key to Tasmanian Dicots

Dracophyllum cf milliganii (Ericaceae) not in the Student's Flora

Some populations of Dracophyllum are erect trees up to 4 m tall, with leaves about 1-1.5 m long. These are restricted to rainforests in south-western Tasmania, especially at high altitudes (e.g. Ironbounds, Mt Bobs, Serpentine River, Mt Rugby). These populations are currently considered to be members of D. milliganii but may be described as a new species.

Without flowers it can be confused with Richea pandanifolia, with which it often grows. However, the Richea has inflorescences between the leaves up the stem (not terminal), and finely serrate (and cutting) leaf margins, whereas the Dracophyllum has smooth leaf margins and showy, erect inflorescences.



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