Key to Tasmanian Dicots

1.  Poranthera microphylla
2. Phyllanthus australis
3. Pseudanthus ovalifolius
4. Poranthera petalifera

* introduced species

PHYLLANTHACEAE (formerly known as part of Euphorbiaceae) 3:629
The Phyllanthaceae is a family that was once included in Euphorbiaceae. The Tasmanian species include some shrubs and herbs. The flowers range are generally small and have both petals and sepals (though the petals are often very reduced.

Of the other genera previously included in Euphorbiaceae, Amperea, Bertya, Beyeria, Chamaesyce, Euphorbia, Ricinocarpus are retained in Euphorbiaceae, but Micrantheum is now included in Picrodendraceae.

Key to Genera
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