Key to Tasmanian Dicots
1. Acacia gunnii
2. Acacia terminalis
3. Kennedia prostrata
4.*Trifolium inflorescence
5. *Trifolium leaf
6. Bossiaea cinerea 

* introduced species

FABACEAE (=Leguminosae) 1:122
This family (the pea family) is one of the most conspicuous and diverse in the Tasmanian flora, and includes many native and introduced species. The Tasmanian species are divided into two very distinctive subfamilies. These subfamilies are sometimes treated as separate families (Fabaceae and Mimosaceae). 

Subfamily Mimosoideae include Acacia and its relatives. They have radially symmetrical flowers in which the stamens are the most obvious parts. The leaves are either bipinnate or are replaced by phyllodes

In Subfamily Faboideae, the petals are the obvious parts and are noticeably different in size and shape. The leaves can be simple or compound. Among the Tasmanian species, the leaves may be simple, pinnate, palmate or trifoliate, but not bipinnate.

Key to Genera
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