Key to Tasmanian Dicots
Eucalyptus risdonii (Myrtaceae) 1:226

Eucalyptus risdonii (Risdon Peppermint) is a rare, distinctive mallee-form eucalypt that only grows on dry, north-east to westerly facing slopes on the eastern shore of the Derwent near Hobart.

Its distinctive features are the very glaucous, sessile, opposite leaves which are fused around the stem. The only other species with leaves fused around the stem are E. tenuiramis (juvenile leaves only) and E. perinniana. The tips of the leaves of E. risdonii and are pointed, whereas E. perinniana has blunt juvenile leaves. E. risdonii is very closely related to E. tenuiramis (in fact, these two species probably represent extreme forms of a continuum with E. tenuiramis developing and flowering on adult foliage).


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