Key to Tasmanian Dicots
Asterotrichion (Malvaceae) 1:86
The one Tasmanian species of Asterotrichion (A. discolor) is a moderately common tree or large, erect shrub that is mostly found along watercourses in eastern and south-eastern Tasmania. It has soft leaves which are covered in stellate hairs on the lower surface. It is dioecious, the male flowers are larger and more conspicuous than the female flowers. In habit and habitat it could be confused with Pomaderris apetala. The flowers are quite different (P. apetala has bisexual flowers without conspicuous petals). In Asterotrichion there are two large veins that curve to run almost parallel to the midrib, but all the other secondary veins diverge widely from the midrib. In P. apetala all the secondary veins diverge at about the same angle from the midrib.

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