Key to Tasmanian Dicots
1. Exocarpos cupressiformis
2. Leptomeria drupacea
3. E. strictus
4. E. humifusus
5. E. nanus
All the Tasmanian species of this family are native hemiparasitic shrubs or small trees in which the leaves are reduced to scales on more or less angular photosynthetic branches. The flowers are highly reduced and inconspicuous, but the fruits are fleshy and those of some species are conspicuous.

Tasmania has two genera, Leptomeria and Exocarpos. Exocarpos species (Native Cherries) have superior ovaries, whereas Leptomeria species have inferior ovaries. A third genus, Thesium, did occur in Tasmania, but is now extinct. It was a herb with erect, wiry stems.

For simplicity the key is to species of both Leptomeria and Exocarpos.

 Key to species
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List of species