Key to Tasmanian Dicots
Eucryphia milliganii (Cunoniaceae) 1:83


Eucryphia milliganii (Dwarf Leatherwood) is a reasonably common shrub or small tree in western and southern Tasmania. It is most common in alpine and sub-alpine areas where it grows in relatively undisturbed heath, but it extends virtually to sea level in scrubby vegetation. In contrast its relative,  E. lucida, is largely restricted to rainforest or mixed forest.

There are two subspecies of E. milliganii. E. milliganii ssp. milliganii (top two photos), grows north of a line running from Macquarie Harbour to Bruny Island. The leaves of this subspecies are oblong. Those of the southern subspecies, E. milliganii ssp. pubescens (bottom photo), are ovate.



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