Key to Tasmanian Dicots
1. Lomatia polymorpha
2. Persoonia juniperina
3. Bellendena montana
4. Telopea truncata
5. Banksia marginata
6. Cenarrhenes nitida
7. Agastachys odorata
The Proteaceae includes conspicuous native plants such as Banksia marginata, Telopea truncata and Hakea species. All the species are trees or shrubs. The family includes prominent members of alpine, subalpine, heath and rainforest communities. 

The leaves are thick, leathery or hard, mostly alternate. They may be deeply divided, toothed, entire or needle-like. The flowers have four tepals, which are more-or-less petal-like and may be free or fused. Some species have symmetrical flowers, but in most, the perianth is curved to one side, and opens along a slit on the opposite side. The stamens in the alpine shrub, Bellendena are free, but in the other species are fused to the tepals. The ovary is unilocular and superior, and in many species the style is elongate and topped by a flat disc called a pollen presenter, which presses against the anthers in bud.


Key to Genera

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