Key to Tasmanian Dicots
1. Billardiera longiflora
2. Pittosporum bicolor with fruit
3. Pittosporum bicolor with flowers
4. Bursaria spinosa
5. Rhytidosporum procumbens
The Tasmanian Pittosporaceae include ten Tasmanian native species (two of which, Pittosporum bicolor and Bursaria spinosa, are very common) and a few introduced species. They are mostly trees or shrubs, although Billardiera species are woody climbers, and Rhytidosporum species are almost herbaceous. All have five free petals (although in Pittosporum and Billardiera the petals are connected by fine hairs to form a tube). They have five free sepals, five free stamens and a superior ovary with 2-5 fused carpels.
Key to Genera
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List of Genera