Key to Tasmanian Dicots

1. Zieria arborescens
2. Boronia flower
3. Correa backhouseana
4. Leionema (=Phebalium) montanum
5. Correa stamens
6. Philotheca (= Eriostemon) verrucosa
7. Dissected flower of Correa

The Rutaceae are prominent in Tasmania's flora. They range from small shrubs to medium sized trees, and occur in heaths, forests, woodlands, alpine and coastal areas. Most species have strongly aromatic leaves, one species is lemon scented, the others have pungent, sometimes unpleasant smells. Many species have obvious oil glands embedded in the leaves, many species have trifoliate or pinnate leaves. The flowers are symmetrical and four or five-parted. The petals are fused into a tube in Correa.
Key to genera
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List of Genera