Key to Tasmanian Dicots
1. *Solanum flowers and fruit
2. Cyphanthera tasmanica
3. *Solanum nigrum (Black nightshade)
4. Solanum laciniatum
5. *Lycium ferocissimum (African box thorn)

* introduced species

The nightshade family is widespread and very diverse family, with relatively few species in Tasmania. A few species are native, but there are also many naturalised herbs, shrubs and climbers. The diverse character of the family makes it difficult to find distinctive features which are characteristic of the whole family. The corolla is usually fused, with five lobes and is usually symmetrical and conical. The native shrub, Cyphanthera tasmanica, has an asymmetrical corolla. The stamens are usually the same number as the petals, and attached to the corolla (usually right at the base). In Solanum they form a cone around the style. The ovary is superior with 2-5 locules, but the ovary and fruit are usually not lobed. There is a single style, but sometimes more than one stigma.


 Key to Genera
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