Key to Tasmanian Dicots

Asplenium bulbiferum (Aspleniaceae)

Asplenium bulbiferum (mother spleen wort) is a common native fern that grows in the understorey of wet forest throughout Tasmania. It grows on rocks, on the ground, or often as an epiphyte on Dicksonia antarctica. It is a moderate sized-fern with many times divided leaves. The sori are elongated on the lamina (sometimes near the edge) and protected by a flap of the lamina (an indusium). One of the most distinctive features is that it often produces bulbils (small plants growing from upper parts of the fronds) - the only other Tasmanian fern to do this is Polystychum proliferum. It also differs from the similar species, A. appendiculatum, in having light green foliage.

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