Key to Tasmanian Dicots
Campynema (Campynemataceae [formerly part of Liliaceae]) 4b:395
Campynema lineare is a uniquely Tasmanian species (the only other member of its family grows in New Caledonia). It is a small, somewhat succulent herb of boggy sites of western Tasmania, mostly in the alpine and subalpine regions. It has a few narrow leaves near the base, with an erect inflorescence carrying a few flowers (usually only one open at a time). The flowers have three, widely spreading greenish-yellow or brown-purple petals and three sepals of nearly similar size, colour and shape. The flowers are about 1cm across.

Campynema was once considered to be part of Liliaceae, which was a very artificial grouping of plants and has therefore been splintered in numerous families. To see the fates of the other Tasmanian genera formerly in Liliaceae click here.


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