Key to Tasmanian Dicots
Drymophila (Luzuriagaceae [formerly part of Liliaceae]) 4b:369  
The only members of the small family Luzuriagaceae in Tasmania is Drymophila cyanocarpa. This is a common and distinctive native species that grows in the understorey of wet forests virtually throughout Tasmania. Its stem is initially erect, but droops till it is more or less horizontal. It bears a row of flat leaves on either side. The flowers are cream and held underneath the stem. The fruit is a conspicuous blue berry that is hangs under the stem.

Asteliaceae was once considered to be part of Liliaceae, which was a very artificial grouping of plants and has therefore been splintered in numerous families. To see the fates of the other Tasmanian genera formerly in Liliaceae click here.


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