Key to Tasmanian Dicots
Baloskion (formerly known as part of Restio; Restionaceae) 4b:46
Tasmania has two species of Baloskion. Both are reasonably common native herbs in waterlogged soils. They are more-or-less typical members of Restionaceae, with cylindrical stems with several scarious bracts, and terminal inflorescences of multiple spikelets. The two species are both quite distinctive. B. tetraphyllum has shiny green stems that are branched to the degree that their ends are feathery. It is a very common riparian species. B. australe has straight, erect stem that are relatively thick (~2-3mm) and often more than 50cm tall. It is a common species in wet sedgy and boggy subalpine areas.

Baloskion is one of three Tasmanian genera that were once included in Restio. The others are Chordifex and Eurychorda.

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