Site 1.12 Microshrubbery (cushion plant community) at the top of Newdegate Pass. 
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Grid Reference E4631 S52771. Altitude 1280m.

Site Description: Remarkable plant community, "cushions" or "bolsters" of densely-packed plants producing a flat surface where one square meter may contain hundreds, or thousands, of individuals and maybe a dozen different species. The morphological convergence between quite unrelatedtaxa can make identification quite difficult.

Distinguishing species:
Abrotanella forsteroides  Species Information Page
Donatia novae-zelandiae  Species Information Page
Dracophyllum minimum  Species Information Page
Ewartia meridithae  Species Information Page
Pterygopappus lawrencii  Species Information Page
Ecological factors:
Soil: Shallow fibrous peat over muck peat on olive brown, clay.
Aspect: East-south-east, 110 degrees.
Slope: < 5 degrees.
Rainfall: 2600mm.
Vegetation type: Alpine Bolster Heath.
Geology: Dolerite.
Common species at this site