MYRTACEAE Melaleuca squamea

Melaleuca squamea

Distinguishing features: "Paper bark" (one of many). Common shrub or  tree of wet scrub, heath or forest. Alternate (cf. M. squarrosa), closely spaced aromatic leaves. The leaves stick straight out from the stem, are about 4-8 mm long and relatively narrow. The flowers are yellow to yellowish white bottle brushes, and leave capsules sessile in groups on the stem (like Callistemon spp, which however do not stamens in 5 groups, and often have hard, sharp leaves). 
Sites Found: 
Site 1.7 Subalpine woodland
Site 2.1 Sedgeland / heathland
Site 2.2 Sclerophyll shrubbery
Site 2.6 Buttongrass moorland

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