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Orientation for First Year Students

The University offers an online orientation program to help support you in becoming familiar with the University and being successful in your studies. Additional support is available from your Tutors and Lecturers. For things not directly related to your unit content, you can contact your Faculty officer or one of the Student Advisors.

It is important to remember that challenges are common, particularly in your first year of study. Seeking timely support is paramount. It is never too early or too late to seek support.

If you are finding the academic aspect of the study difficult, don't despair. Consider undertaking one or more of the units offered through the University Preparation Program or UniStart. Many Education students haven't studied for some time, or didn't study the breadth of areas required for Education (particularly Primary Education) in years 11 and 12. These preparation programs can assist you to gain the necessary skills and knowledge. They may, however, increase the time you need to allocate to finish the degree. If in doubt, please speak with your Faculty officer or Student Advisor.