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Master of Teaching

Professional Experience Units and Pre-Requisite Units

Professional Experience placements are a compulsory requirement of the Master of Teaching Degree. It is a registration requirement that you successfully complete a minimum of 60 days of placement as per the Professional Experience Calendar.

The structure of Professional Experience in the Master of Teaching Degree is as follows:

  • 1st Year
    • Professional Experience 1 (PE1) 5 days
    • Professional Experience 2 (PE2) 10 days

      PE1 and PE2 should be enrolled in during the same year, and undertaken at the same school, with the same supervising teacher. You should plan to complete PE1 and PE2 in the same year and structure your enrolment accordingly.
  • 2nd Year
    • Professional Experience 3 (PE3) 20 days
    • Professional Experience 4 (Pe4) 25 days

Professional Experience must be undertaken during the scheduled time and must be undertaken in a full-time block placement. Variations to the dates of the placement are only considered in exceptional circumstances that are not normally planned for.

For more information about Professional Experience units and how to structure your enrolment correctly to ensure that you are eligible for your placements, please see the Master of Teaching FAQ Page.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are enrolled in the correct units through estudent, in order to undertake professional experience placements.

Professional Experience Dates 2019

Year Code PE Dates Duration
1st EMT500/513 PE1 May 6th – May 10th 5 days
1st EMT501/523 PE2 Sep 9th – Sep 20th 10 days
2nd EMT600/613 PE3 June 3rd – June 28th 20 days
2nd EMT601/623 PE4 Sep 9th – Sep 13th
Oct 21st – Nov 15th
25 days

Placement Application Instructions

  • Check the applicable Professional Experience Unit is showing as enrolled (not planned) in eStudent (If you are unable to change the status from planned to enrolled please contact your Course Information Officer for assistance)
  • Log into InPlace and complete the following application sections:
    • Emergency Contact Information
    • Car and Transport Details
    • Education Preference Form Including:
      • 3 region preferences (Interstate Students please refer to the Interstate Student Placement webpage)
      • Conflict of interest
      • Any other comments
      • Add in first and second specialisation as per letter of offer
  • Complete all compliance requirements as per the table below:

Professional Experience Compliance Requirements

Unit Code Safety in Practice TRB Good Character Determination (TAS students only) Working with Vulnerable People (or interstate equivalent) MyLO Literacy and Numeracy Tests – Minimum 80% Score LANTITE
EMT500/513 Yes Yes Yes - -
EMT501/523 Yes Yes Yes - -
EMT600/613 Yes Yes Yes Yes -
EMT601/623 Yes Yes Yes - Yes*

* All students are encouraged to complete the LANTITE tests prior to Graduation, however it is only a mandatory requirement prior to the final placement for students who commenced their degree Semester 2, 2016 or later.

Please follow the below links for further compliance instructions and information: