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Ethics application process

The process has two key parts:
  1. Submission of your application to the Faculty of Education for Internal Review and feedback; and,
  2. Submission of your application to the HREC for formal review and approval.

Note: BOTH parts are required.

Here's the submission process in more detail:

Step 1
Visit the HREC website and determine whether you should complete a Minimal Risk or Full Risk application.

Step 2
Download the appropriate forms and work with your supervisor/s to complete the application form and other required documents (e.g., information sheets, consent forms, and data collection instruments - questionnaires, interview schedules etc.).

Step 3
Arrange for a peer review of your project. This is essential for full committee applications and recommended for minimal risk applications. For honours students, assessment of the research proposal, literature review, and/or methodology chapter (e.g. by the honours coordinator) could constitute the peer review of the project. For RHD students, confirmation of candidature could also constitute the peer review. A supervisor cannot perform the peer review. For academic staff, the peer review should be undertaken by someone who has relevant expertise and who is not named as an investigator on the project. Please see the Social Sciences Human Research Ethics Frequently Asked Questions regarding the peer review process.

Step 4
Submit your application by email to the Faculty Ethics Office. Your application will then undergo an internal ethics review by the Ethics Coordinator and another experienced academic, where relevant. When the feedback from the review is received their comments will be forwarded to you so you can use the feedback to make suggested changes, address queries etc.

Step 5
When the appropriate changes have been made, re-submit your application to the Faculty Ethics Office, via email, who will in turn confirm changes have been made and secure the Head of School's final approval before forwarding the application to HREC. Once your application has gone from the Faculty to the HREC, you will be advised of its status by the HREC Ethics Officer (


If you require a Minimal Risk application, your application can be processed through the Internal Review and HREC at any point in time, since the Chair of HREC reviews Minimal Risk applications on an on-going basis.

If you require a Full Application, please look at the deadlines for submission for both the Internal Review and the HREC Committee Meetings. You will need to meet all these deadlines to ensure you get your application to the appropriate HREC monthly meeting.