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Requirements for research in schools

If research is being conducted in schools, then additional procedures may need to occur.

Department of Education

The Department of Education needs to give permission for research conducted in schools.
Further information is available on the Department of Education website.

Independent Schools (for example, Friends', Hutchins, Collegiate)

Please contact the individual school and secure approval from the Principal. They have full authority to grant or deny permission to research

Catholic Schools

Please contact the Catholic Board of Education to secure approval for research to be conducted in Catholic schools. You can also expect to secure approval from the Principal of the school where the research is to be conducted.

Family controlled Christian schools

The Principal is the first point of contact here. Depending on the school's management structure, he or she may then need to consult with the school board; but either way that is the person with whom to deal and to whom the first approach is made.

Working With Children Application

All staff and students conducting research with children need to obtain a Working With Children registration. Please see the Department of Justice website for further details.