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English Literacy


The English research discipline leads, initiates, supports and publishes research in English and literacy education, as well as the broader social and cultural trends that affect language and literacy.

Key Research Areas

  • Children's Literature
  • English and literacy education
  • Educational semiotics
  • Multiliteracies
  • Critical and cultural literacies

This study will provide benchmark standards of appropriate teacher knowledge for teaching Mathematics and English across the levels of schooling from Foundation to Year 12, at different stages of experience, and will explore ways in which teacher knowledge can be developed

More information can be found on the Powerful Knowledge website.

Funding Body: Australian Research Council (ARC) |  Project No: DP130103144

Project Members:

Prof Kim Beswick Assoc Prof Rosemary Callingham Assoc Prof Helen Chick Prof Ian Hay Prof Tom Nicholson

This project is an investigation of the effects gained by secondary school students, pre-service teachers, and teacher professionals when pre-service teachers are appointed as volunteer reading tutors in secondary schools. Specifically, this research is looking at the effects on secondary school students' reading development and engagement as a result of additional one-on-one assistance with reading. This research also examines pre-service teachers' knowledge and skill development for the teaching of reading, and secondary school teachers' perspectives of a volunteer reading programme. This research is a pilot project designed to lead into a large scale research investigation.

Funding Body: Resolts Grant |  Project No: H14677

Project Members:

Dr Belinda Hopwood Dr David Moltow

Relationship between literacy and hearing in Tasmanian school children following iodine deficiency in pregnancy: 11 year follow-up of the Gestational Iodine Cohort.

Professor Ian Hay of the Faculty of Education is a chief investigate along with chief investigates at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, Dr Kristen L. Hynes, Dr Petr Otahal, and Professor John R. Burgess, who are researching the influence of mild iodine deficiency on children's cognitive development.

Professor Ian Hay is an educational psychologist with research interests and publications in children's cognitive development and students with learning difficulties. Investigating the role of iodine on children's cognitive development is a prime example of interdisciplinary research between a Faculty of Education and a Medical Research Centre.

Funding Bodies:

  • Tasmanian Community Fund: Grant; Department of Education Tasmania; Hearing Australia
  • Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation: Grant-Clinical Research
Project Members:

Prof Ian Hay Prof John R. Burgess Dr Kristen L. Hynesy Mr Petr Otahal

External Members

John Burgess

Prof John R. Burgess
Menzies Institute of Medical Research

Kristen Hynes

Dr Kristen L. Hynes
Menzies Institute of Medical Research

Prof Tom Nicholson

Prof Tom Nicholson
Massey University, New Zealand

Petr Otahal

Mr Petr Otahal
Menzies Institute of Medical Research