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Inspiring Mathematics and Science in Teacher Education (IMSITE) Tasmania

Welcome to the University of Tasmania IMSITE Project - a partnership project between 6 universities, looking at promoting strategic change in the Australian higher education sector by developing and disseminating new interdisciplinary approaches to mathematics and science pre-service teacher education.

The IMSITE project is under the larger umbrella ETMST program being funded by the Australian Government. For more information please visit the National IMSITE project website.

Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers Program will drive a major improvement in the quality of mathematics and science teachers by supporting new pre-service programs in which faculties, schools or departments of science, mathematics and education collaborate on course design and delivery, combining content and pedagogy so that mathematics and science are taught as dynamic, forward-looking and collaborative human endeavours.

The Program is part of the Australian Government's Investing in Science and Maths for a Smarter Future initiative, a response to the report by Professor Ian Chubb AC, Chief Scientist for Australia: Maths, Engineering and Science: in the National Interest.

The study focuses on the development of collaboration between mathematics and science disciplines and mathematics and science educators. It aims to develop new ways of integrating the content (the what) and pedagogical (the how) expertise of education and discipline professionals in mathematics and science. The study is a response to the persistent decline in participation in post-compulsory mathematics and science in schools and universities. Australian and international research also confirms that a high proportion of initial primary and secondary teachers have inadequate understanding of the mathematical concepts they will be required to teach, as well as negative attitudes towards mathematics. These combine to produce a lack of confidence in their ability to teach mathematics and science effectively.

A major aspect of the study at the University of Tasmania is the development of two new BEd programs, a BEd Secondary (Science and Mathematics) and a BEd Primary (Specialisation) which aim to provide course units that support and enhance pre-service teacher education and the teaching of Mathematics and Science in Primary and Secondary schools.