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Integrating Teachers’ Knowledge and Affect to Improve Mathematics Teaching

Improved teacher quality has been identified as the key to effecting change. Quality teaching draws on thorough knowledge of the content and how it should be taught. But excellent teachers of mathematics also have a deep passion for their discipline and for helping students to learn it in ways that enable them to share that passion (Chubb, Findlay, Du, Burnester, & Kusa, 2012). Students who experience inspiring teaching are more likely to be motivated to put in the necessary hard work to learn mathematics successfully and to want to pursue it as far as they can. Improving teacher quality must include attention to the affective qualities of teachers (their motivations, passions, and beliefs about mathematics and how it is taught and learned).

The project aims to:

  1. To trial integrated methods of accessing teacher beliefs
  2. To explore, with teachers, possible ways of influencing mathematics teachers’ relevant beliefs (e.g., about the capacity of students to learn mathematics, the nature of mathematics …)

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