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STEMCraft Project Science Technology Engineering MAthematics

The STEMCrAfT Project: Capacity building for teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Critical Appraisal for Teachers

STEMCraft is

  • building capacity for STEM teachers,
  • by using a peer support model and the STEM Framework, a tool designed to assist teacher analysis, critique and evaluation of STEM resources.
  • with a focus on regional, rural and remote teachers of STEM.
    • The STEM Framework is a reflective decision making tool that represents the collective thinking, expertise and experience of STEM teachers.
    • The framework aims to assist the STEM teacher select resources suitable to their learning environment.
    • The STEM Framework was developed by STEM teachers reflecting on their own practice and identifying the processes they engage in when planning and implementing STEM teaching. 
    • We invite all STEM teachers to review resources using the framework and to then provide feedback on the Framework's usefulness. This feedback will contribute to the research component of the project, and help us improve the way inexperienced teachers access STEM resources. 
    • The project welcomes trialling of the STEM Framework by those participating in the teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
    • Its development provides an opportunity to expand the individual teachers experience from the solitude of the classroom and into the teaching community. 
    • It is specifically designed for rural and regional teachers whose resources are often limited. 
    • Contributors to the development of the STEM Framework have included rural, regional and remote Tasmanian and West Australian STEM teachers. 
    •  The project team would appreciate it if you could contribute to the research component of this project. Please click on the Research tab to find out how to contribute. 
    • The STEM Framework was launched in July 2014 

    Please find below the STEM Framework document and guidelines

    Check out our video vignettes to hear how teachers are utilizing the STEM Framework in their practice.

For more information about the STEMCrafT Project, please contact Suzanne Crowley at

The project national launch was held in Launceston on the 29 July 2014.

Support for this project has been provided by the Australian Maths Science Partnerships Program (AMSPP), and is currently overseen by the Australian Department of Education.

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