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Rural education scholars study education beyond metropolitan locations.  Contemporary research in rural education takes up complex, vital and exciting questions of identity and culture; problems associated with geographies of educational/social advantage and disadvantage; the complexities of power; real and imagined space; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and sovereignty; as well as a range of other issues.  Work in this field links problem in education with questions of policy, development, sustainability, community, mobilities, encounters, and the multiple effects of globalization on/in rural spaces.

The ARC-funding research project Beyond Year 10 aims to investigate factors that influence student retention beyond the compulsory years of schooling in rural, regional and disadvantage communities. Students in Grades 5, 7, 9, 10 and 11 from over 75 Tasmanian schools are being targeted for this 3-year longitudinal study, along with school and college principals, teachers, parents and members of the community.

For more information please visit the ARC Linkage Project: Beyond Year 10 website.

Project Members:

Prof Kim Beswick (CI) Prof Neil Cranston (CI) Prof Ian Hay (CI) Ms Wendy Roberts Prof Jane Watson (CI) Mrs Suzie Wright Dr Jeanne Allen (CI)

The aim of this study is to provide the Department of Education, Tasmania, with an evaluation of aspects of the progress of the initiative to add Years 11 and 12 to selected high schools in Tasmania. This will be achieved by gathering data from principals, teachers, students, parent groups and the broader school communities at each of the four sites where this initiative is in its first year of implementation. It is intended that this evaluation will be ongoing; therefore, this study will comprise the first stage of a longitudinal study.

Funding Body: Department of Education, Tasmania

Project Members:

Prof Mike Corbett Dr Christine Gardner

Neil Cranston

Prof Neil Cranston

Wendy Roberts

Ms Wendy Roberts

Suzie Wright

Mrs Suzie Wright

External Members

Jeanne Allen

Dr Jeanne Allen
Deakin University