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The 'Sustainability, Place and Society' research group are an active community of scholars interested in issues of space and place, sustainability, equity and social justice, and culture as they relate to education. Employing a critical 'sociological imagination' we recognise the political and value-laden nature of education and seek to explore, examine, and disrupt power relations through our educational research.  Committed to emergent and creative research-based solutions to complex social, economic, political and environmental problems, we invite prospective research students, educators, academics and partner organisations to collaborate with us in exploring pathways to a better future.


Cultural wellbeing in education: Learning to be well together

Children's wellbeing is identified as a central goal of schooling addressed in numerous ways within curriculum frameworks and school leadership standards. One little known aspect of wellbeing is its cultural dimensions. Cultural wellbeing has recently been introduced into educational policy, but there is little research specifically addressing this area. What is cultural wellbeing and how is it relevant in education? What could cultural wellbeing look like within a classroom community? These questions form both the challenge and the inquiry of a study of cultural wellbeing being conducted with teachers and students in school classroom communities in Tasmania.

Project No: H0014275

Project Members:

Dr Janet Dyment
Ms Sherridan Emery
Dr Mary Ann Hunter


Janet Dyment

Dr Janet Dyment

Mrs Kevina Kezabu