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Accurate Fiction and Teaching Historical Inquiry

Start Date

2nd Oct 2017 2:00pm

End Date

2nd Oct 2017 2:45pm


Education Video Conference Rooms:

2:00pm – 2:45pm

  • Launceston: NH.A221c.Video
  • Hobart: SB.Hytten325.Video
  • Cradle Coast: CC.B159 Video

Within the Australian Curriculum, what is the significance for learning outcomes that use fiction to teach historical Inquiry?
Can historical inquiry be taught with video games in the Australian Curriculum?
Confirmation of Candidature presentation by Oliver Seth Harms

This study will explore different pedagogical presences to support heightened student engagement and improved learning outcomes.  This project will study historical and visual literacies in pedagogical practice, proficiency and implementation of methods in education at both a senior secondary and middle school.

The ability to interpret information from any source, and increasingly visual sources, is a vital skill for all graduates. The development of the skills to read visual texts and communicate that understanding requires a certain level of critical thinking and reflection.  This study will use video games as a means to present narrative fiction within the classroom setting, and collect evidence of student retention of information and understanding of content

The findings will present a pedagogy of video games in the History curriculum. This gives rise to a host of Questions in culture, ideology, authority and power.  The focus of learning therefore required significant shifts in pedagogical practice into allowing student engagement, retention of information and compartmentalizing and utilizing of information in accordance with current literature and thinking.

The study therefore asks the Question: Do video games have a place within the discourse of History, in the Australian Curriculum? This study will investigate the nuances of historical literacies; examine an approach to learning that is systematic within the context of creating fiction that presents fact.  It will explore teaching using fictional historical video games as a credible source and means of assessing understanding student understanding of historical inquiry.