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Against Science and Mathematics Education


Presentation by Peter Davson-Galle
Adjust Lecturer (and quondam lecturer in philosophy of education)

Start Date

26th Sep 2017 1:30pm

End Date

26th Sep 2017 3:00pm


Education Video Conference Rooms:

  • Launceston: NH.A221c.Video
  • Hobart: SB.Hytten325.Video
  • Cradle Coast: CC.A119 Video

All standard schooling is an exercise in force in which individuals are compelled to carry out intellectual activity which in large part, they do not wish to engage in.

I assume a resting moral position (akin to that of classical liberalism) that individuals should not be forced to do anything which they do not wish to do unless a morally sound case can be made out for that.  The structure of the paper is thus that of an onus argument.  The onus is on the freedom restrictor to justify such restriction.  In this talk. I sketch (for development in discussion) the spread of possible such justifications for freedom restriction & argue that each fails.

The paper revisits the thinking of a past longish research book chapter concerning Science Education & extends the framework of that argumentation to Mathematics Education