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Discursive Psychology Matter(s) In Social Science Research


The Case of Online Mother Runner Identities and Stories of Competitive Athlete Mothers That Become Lives
Presentation by visiting scholar Associate Professor Kerry McGannon

Start Date

11th Apr 2017 3:00pm

End Date

11th Apr 2017 4:00pm


Life Sciences 256, Lecture Theatre 2

This presentation draws upon Dr. McGannon’s background in discursive psychology and critical discourse analysis to outline a specific theoretical and methodological approach to understand embodied identities in sport and exercise. After the central tenets of this approach are outlined, they are shown in “action” through examples from her research program exploring the discursive construction of athlete mother identities in media representations and everyday lives of sporting mothers. Specific examples will be drawn upon from a discursive psychological study of recreational athlete mother identities in media narratives (i.e., one online running community using blogging, Instagram, facebook) and in-depth interviews with competitive athlete mothers. The constraining and emancipative potential of building discourses through ‘every day talk’ – both online and off line--- will be discussed as a health promotion and well-being tool. The presentation concludes with future directions for using a discursive psychological approach in social science research to centralize socio-cultural and identity issues

Associate Professor Kerry McGannon

Dr. McGannon began her faculty position in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Laurentian September 2010 after working as a Professor in the Psychology of Physical Activity at the University of Iowa from January 2003-August 2010. From July 2001-December 2002 she was the Research Associate at the Alberta Centre for Active Living, University of Alberta. Her peer reviewed scholarship includes empirical and theoretically-driven contributions on 72 national and international conference presentations and over 90 publications in refereed journals and scholarly books. She is co-editor of three books; one on cultural sport and exercise psychology, one on community-based research and the Routledge International Handbook of Sport Psychology. She serves on two journal editorial boards: Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology and Sociology of Sport Journal. She is past Advisory Board member for Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health and Chair of the Cultural Diversity Committee from 2012-2014 for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). She is Co-Editor in Chief of the journal Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, Associate Editor of the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology (official journal of AASP) and Psychology of Sport and Exercise (official journal of the European Federation of Sport Psychology). Dr. McGannon has over 15 years experience teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in Sport and Exercise Psychology. These courses emphasize the psychological, social and cultural influences of sport and physical activity participation. She is co-ordinator of the undergraduate Sport Psychology degree in the School of Human Kinetics.