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The Representation and Reader's Perception of Violence in Australian and Ukrainian Picturebooks


Confirmation of candidature presentation by Halyna Pavlyshyn

Start Date

3rd Apr 2017 3:00pm

End Date

3rd Apr 2017 3:45pm


Education Video Conference Rooms:

  • Launceston: NH.A221c.Video
  • Hobart: SB.Hytten325.Video
  • Cradle Coast: CC.A119

The proposed research study seeks to identify and articulate both the representation and interpretation of violence in contemporary children's picturebooks from two countries: Australia and Ukraine.

Representation of violence will draw on a data set of contemporary picturebooks (in both traditional and postmodern form). This data set will be selected based on temporal and thematic criteria; that is, the study focuses on those picturebooks which have been created during the last three decades and which represent violence (e.g. domestic violence, bullying, war). Picturebook data will be analysed using social visual semiotics (Kress & van Leuween, 2006) and narratological literary theory (Bal, 2009).

Interpretation of violence as represented in the picturebook data set will draw on a data set of interviews conducted with adult gatekeepers of children's literature: teachers and librarians from each country. This data will be generated and analysed through qualitative interviews designed in accordance with constructivist grounded theory (Charmaz, 2006).

The findings will be potentially significant given the prevalence of picturebooks as both an everyday text students engage with and a popular medium of teaching and learning. The study will conclude with a discussion of the implications these finding have for teachers, librarians, parents, and children's literature scholars and authors. A comparison of representations and interpretation of violence from the two different socio-cultural contexts enriches the findings of the study and will offer significant findings in the field of cross-cultural children's literature scholarship.

In conclusion, the study explores the ways in which violence is represented and interpreted in Australian and Ukrainian picturebooks in order to gain a better understanding of the possible implications of the findings for education. Additionally, the study promotes scholarly interest and public attention to contemporary guardianship in children’s literature.