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MTeach FAQ

Semester 1 Commencement

Below you will find two PDFs that detail the recommended enrolment patterns for your course (full time, three unit pathway or part time).

Semester 2 Commencement

Below you will find two PDFs that detail the recommended enrolment patterns for your course (two and a half year pathway or part time).

Please note - there is no two year pathway from Semester 2 commencement from 2017 onwards.

NOTE: There are two important terms used in the below information:

  • Co-requisite – A unit that must be completed concurrently with another unit
  • Concurrent units – Units that must be enrolled in and studied in the same semester

The Master of Teaching has two sets of requisites:

  • Co-requisite Paired (6.25 Credit Point) units
  • Professional Experience requisites

Please be aware these two sets of requisites are checked regularly and thoroughly throughout the semester. If the accurate enrolment pattern hasn’t been followed you will be deemed ineligible for either the Paired unit or Professional Experience, and will be faculty withdrawn and notified by email.

Co-requisite Paired units

The Co-requisite Paired units are:

  • EMT607 Preparing for the Profession and EMT608 Digital Technologies
  • EMT609 Languages and Culture and EMT691 Cultural Awareness

These units are weighted 6.25 credit points each. They must be enrolled concurrently to total the standard unit weighting of 12.5 credit points.

Professional Experience requisites

A review of the theory requisites for Professional Experience was conducted in 2015. The outcome of the review was a tighter system of theory requisites, to ensure students are adequately prepared to demonstrate competency against the Professional Experience assessment criteria.

To be eligible for Professional Experience you are required to be concurrently enrolled in, or have successfully completed, the relevant theory unit(s). The Professional Experience requisites are outlined in the PDFs below. Please ensure you read the information relevant to your commencement.

All applicants are required to provide a non-academic personal statement which is used to assist in the selection of students into all Initial Teacher Education (ITE) courses at the University of Tasmania.

Instructions on submitting your statement and completing the NACAT are provided during the application process.


  • There is a limit of two (2) units per person
  • To be eligible you must have successfully completed a prior semester in your Master of Teaching degree.
  • Unit availabilities are normally released by UTAS email between Semester 1 and 2 each year.

In addition to Semester 1 and 2, there are units available in Spring School Extended. The Spring School Extended dates are on the Key Dates webpage under the All Study Period Dates tab.

Note – Please read your Offer Letter carefully as you may have one or more of the following conditions. You will need to provide evidence you have successfully completed the condition(s) in order to graduate.

Condition of additional units

A condition of additional undergraduate units on your offer means you are required to complete these units concurrently with your Master of Teaching. You may wish to enrol in the three unit pathway (Semester 1 commencement) to allow space for these additional units.

Studying conditional units through UTAS:

  • Please email with a link to the unit(s), the semester and attendance mode details. The units will be assessed and you will be provided with an outcome
  • If deemed relevant, we will manually enrol you in the unit(s) and confirm the enrolment by email

Studying conditional units through another tertiary institution:

  • Please email with details of/a link to the units you have selected to ensure they are relevant
  • Once confirmed, you will need to enrol through the relevant tertiary institution
  • When you have completed all conditional units, please order an official Academic Transcript from the tertiary institution and email it to so we can remove the condition
Condition of completion of your undergraduate degree

Undergraduate degree completed at the University of Tasmania:

If your offer is conditional upon the completion of your undergraduate degree, and it was completed through the University of Tasmania, please email to confirm you have graduated.

Undergraduate degree completed externally:

If your offer is conditional upon the completion of your undergraduate degree, and it was not completed through the University of Tasmania, please email a certified copy of your testamur and academic transcript to

If you are only able to send an academic transcript, please ensure it confirms that the degree has been ‘conferred’.

Condition of completion of the Non-Academic Capability Assessment Tool (NACAT)

A non-academic personal statement is used in conjunction with your ATAR score (or equivalent alternative entry) as part of the selection process for all Initial Teacher Education (ITE) courses at the University of Tasmania.

Please submit your statement through the Non-Academic Capability Assessment Tool (NACAT) after you have completed your application. Instructions on completing the NACAT are provided during the application process.

Advanced Standing is only granted in the Master of Teaching on a like for like basis. This means that we are looking for the study that you are applying with to:

  • Have been completed within five years
  • Be accredited at the same level (AQF9) i.e. Master of Teaching study from a different tertiary institution
  • Be able to be considered equivalent to a unit in the UTAS MTeach program.

If you choose to apply for Advanced Standing, please complete the application form and provide relevant supporting documentation, i.e. Unit Outline(s).

On Campus Students

  • The Semester 1 timetable for On Campus students is available on the Student Timetable page.

Off Campus Students

  • As an Off Campus student, you are not expected to attend On Campus, therefore the Timetable isn’t relevant for you.

On Campus Students

Education uses MyLO to facilitate your Tutorial sign-up. Tutorial sign-up will open one week prior to the commencement of the semester. Below you will find a PDF that has instructions for going through the Tutorial sign-up process.

Off Campus Students

Information regarding your tutorial participation will be provided in your unit(s).

MyLO (My Learning Online) is the online learning environment at the University of Tasmania. The Student Support page contains resources and guides to help you familiarize yourself with MyLO.

Along with your lecturers and tutors, the MTeach support team are here to help whilst you’re completing your study.

If you are emailing your CALE Course Information Officers, please:

  • Use your UTAS email address
  • Include your full name
  • Include your student number
  • Use this enquiry form