Engaging Students as Partners in Global Learning

Fellowship Resources

Leask, B. (ed) (2013). Internationalisation of the curriculum and the Disciplines. Journal of Studies in International Education, Vol. 17, No. 2.

Poole, G. & Chick, N.L. (2016). Students as Co-Inquirers (Special Section). Teaching & Learning Inquiry. Vol. 4, No 2.

Bovill, C. & Felton, P. (2016). International Journal for Academic Development, Vol. 21, No 1.

Engagement through partnership: Students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education.

This conceptual model proposed by Healey, Flint and Harrington (2014) explores the variety of understandings of students as partners in learning and teaching. https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/engagement-through-partnership-students-partners-learning-and-teaching-higher-education

Students as Partners: Reflections on a Conceptual Model

In this article Healey, Flint and Harrington (2016) reflect and expand upon on the conceptual model the developed for mapping the work of students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education. http://tlijournal.com/tli/index.php/TLI/article/view/105

A guide to ethics and student engagement through partnership.

The guide by Taylor (2015) offers four ethical frameworks and a series of tools to support practical ways of thinking through the ethical issues of partnership practices. [.pdf]

A model of active student participation in curriculum.

In this article, Bovill and Bulley adapt Arnstein’s ‘ladder of participation’ to create a model of different levels of student participation in curriculum design. [.pdf]

These case studies are examples of good practices in engaging students as partners in learning and teaching. Some explicitly address global learning; some indicate how a global learning dimension can be embedded into established ‘students as partners’ approaches.

Presenter Resources

Roundtable Program [.pdf]

Wendy Green
Mick Healy
Betty Leask
Birgit Loch
Tristana Sidoryn
Sally Varnham
  • Starting a New Conversation - Towards a National Framework [.pdf]
  • Creating a National Framework for Student Partnership [.pptx] [.pdf]