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Entry and Exit Surveys

Entry and Exit Surveys are questionnaires which are completed by new University employees and staff who are leaving the University due to resignation or retirement. Entry Surveys are used to provide the University with information relating to the personal reasons which may have triggered an individual to seek employment with the University. Exit Surveys provide the University with information relating to an individual's decision to leave the University.

What is Entry and Exit Survey data used for?

The data obtained from Entry and Exit Surveys and other relevant feedback mechanisms is analysed periodically. Any trends and issues identified help inform decisions regarding the University's working environment.

Who sees the completed forms?

Please know that your response is anonymous. While the information you provide in this survey is collated and reported, individual responses will not be identified.

What are the other ways in which staff can give feedback?

Staff joining the University

In addition to completing a confidential Entry Survey, new members of staff may, if they so choose, participate in an individual or focus group discussion facilitated by the Workforce Planning unit. Focus groups are conducted at the end of each year.

Whilst invitations to participate will be issued annually, new staff who are interested in participating in these group discussions are encouraged to register their interest directly with the Workforce Planning unit, at any time of the year, by emailing People and Wellbeing.

These individual and focus group discussions will have a particular focus on the University's approach to recruitment and selection, making the transition to University employment, and attraction and retention strategies.

Staff leaving the University

While participation in the exit survey is voluntary, we value your feedback and would appreciate you sharing your opinion on the experiences during your time with us.

Should you prefer to provide feedback in person, please contact your HR Advisor to make an appointment to discuss.