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University Equity Committees

Terms of Reference

The University Equity Committee operates within the broader context of the University’s Inclusion, Diversity and Equity frameworks. The Committee will work to enact these principles by:

  • proposing measures to address inequality and systemic disadvantage at the University and promoting cultural change;
  • defining a body of work annually, to contribute to the realisation of the University’s People Strategy, Athena Swan SAGE commitments and other Inclusion, Diversity and Equity frameworks;
  • receiving and analysing reports on progress towards our equity and diversity goals.

The Committee will draw on the significant expertise in the University relating to diversity and equity and will provide a forum for discussion and generation of ideas and initiatives to support a culture of respect, diversity and inclusivity within the University. The Committee will assist in formulating, sharing and disseminating good practice, university-wide. The full Terms of Reference (PDF 148.3 KB) is available to view.

Executive Sponsor

The Executive Sponsor for the Committee is the Provost, who will notify key initiatives to the University Executive Team as appropriate.

Committee Membership

  • Chair, Provost (or nominee);
  • Deputy Chair, nominee of the Equity Steering Group;
  • Pro-Vice Chancellor, Aboriginal Leadership;
  • Chief People Officer
  • Chairs of College Gender/Equity Committees or equivalent (CALE, CoSE, CoBE, CoHM, UC);
  • Two members drawn from across the Divisions (Academic, Research, COO, Global, Division of the VC);
  • Ally Leadership Group representative;
  • Disability representative;
  • The President, TUSA;
  • A postgraduate student representative.

Please contact People and Wellbeing for further information on the University Equity Committee.

College Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committees (CIDEC)

Each of the Colleges has its own Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committee (referred to as CIDECs). A primary goal for each of the CIDECs is to meet the unique IDE needs of its College. Each of the College CIDECs has its own Terms of Reference, you can view these below. The University Equity Committee Network document (PDF 64.4 KB) will explain the interaction between the University Equity Committee and the College Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committees and their respective roles and how they work together to comprise the University Equity Committee Network.