Publish and Flourish! – A workshop on strategic publication


A workshop for researchers addressing ideas and strategies for maximising publication outcomes.

Start Date

17th Nov 2016 1:30pm

End Date

17th Nov 2016 3:30pm


Seminar Room A173, Level 1, Building A, Newnham campus

RSVP / Contact Information

Dr Bikram Ghosh E.; T. 6324 4454

In the highly competitive research and publishing environment of today, with a plethora of publication options that range from daunting to dicey, getting your work published can be a challenging exercise.

The Northern Research Hub, in collaboration with the Launceston Library, is hosting a workshop that will address ideas and strategies for maximising your publication outcomes. The workshop will:

  • introduce tools for identifying and assessing different options for publishing research;
  • explore strategies for building a publication record that is relevant to the researcher’s field and future plans; and
  • investigate how the same ideas could be used to develop other areas of the research process.

We are also lucky to have three researchers – each from a very different field of research – with extremely strong publication records to share their experiences and insights with workshop attendees. Joining us will be:

  • Prof. Dom Geraghty, Deputy Head, School of Health Sciences
  • Dr Kim Lehman, Tasmanian School of Business & Economics
  • Assoc. Prof. Fred Gale, Politics and International Relations Program.

Regardless of your research experience, or your area of focus, this promises to be an interesting opportunity to learn and share insights and strategies that could help each of us make the most of our research publications.

If you’re interested, please  RSVP by email to let us know you’ll be coming.