Our World: A scientific exploration


An exhibition displaying objects and material from the University of Tasmania Chemistry Collection.

Start Date

1st Sep 2019

End Date

13th Sep 2019


Academy Gallery, Inveresk campus

RSVP / Contact Information

E.; T. 6324 4400

Photo of Buchler Instruments Lieberman Gradient Elution DeviceScience will be part of the solution to every problem in the 21st century - and it will continue to illuminate humanity and humanity's place in the universe. Our world: a scientific exploration involves an appreciation of the importance of science for daily life, business, politics, our collective future and our view of ourselves. The exhibition displays objects and material from the University of Tasmania Chemistry Collection. The Chemistry Collection includes research and teaching equipment, plus objects and related material that hold specific significance to the history of the University of Tasmania and the nation. Collected over 70 plus years the Chemistry Collection informs the story of scientific research within the University of Tasmania. The Collection Managers have selected objects and material that emphasize defined significant points of academic interest, the obscure, the challenging and some personal favourites much loved by staff and students.

Exhibition opening guest speaking: Professor Dominic Geraghty, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Launceston), University of Tasmania
Exhibition opening: 6.00 - 8.00 pm Friday 9 August
Exhibition dates: 12 August - 13 September
Exhibition curators: Murray Frith and Krystel Woolley

Gallery Hours | Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm | Free Admission

Presented in partnership with the School of Physical Sciences Collection.