Suicide: The Ripple Effect Documentary Screening


Documentary screening for World Suicide Prevention Day

Start Date

10th Sep 2019 5:30pm

End Date

10th Sep 2019 8:00pm


Stanley Burbury Theatre, University Centre, Sandy Bay

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Enquiries: E. T. 0362261728

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5.30pm-6.00pm Refreshments in the foyer

6.00pm-8.00pm Movie screening in the theatre

“Suicide: The Ripple Effect” is a documentary film focusing on the devastating effects of suicide and the tremendous positive ripple effects of advocacy, inspiration and hope that are helping millions heal & stay alive.

The film highlights the journey of Kevin Hines, who at age 19, attempted to take his life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Today Kevin is a world-renowned mental health advocate, motivational speaker and author who travels the globe spreading a message of hope, recovery and wellness.

The film chronicles Kevin’s personal journey and the ripple effect it has on those who have been impacted by his suicide attempt and his life's work since. In addition, the film highlights the stories of individuals and families who are utilizing their personal tragedy to bring hope and healing to others.

There have been other films about suicide but most have been very sombre. This film will take a very hopeful, intriguing, and yet entertainment-focused approach by highlighting the work being done by individuals who have been directly impacted by suicide. Work that raises eyebrows, and pushes people toward giving back to their communities.

This event is being held as part of World Suicide Prevention Day. If you are struggling with mental health or contemplating suicide, support is available.


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University of Tasmania after-hours crisis service

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