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Academic Record

What is my academic record?

An academic record is the complete permanent record of your studies at the University of Tasmania. It contains information about all the courses and units you have been enrolled in, and the results you obtained. It also contains comments that have been entered on your record, such as academic progress review and credit comments.

The academic record is not the official record issued by the university on request or upon graduation. It contains information which does not appear on the official record. For more information about the official record see the information sheet about academic transcripts.

Where do I find my academic record?

Your academic record is available on the web. To see your results go to eStudent, and select the relevant study plan and then scroll down to the red button that says 'Email my Academic Record'. Please be aware that at certain times we have to remove access to your academic record. This occurs when we are entering results but they have not yet been officially released. There are seven result release dates for the standard semesters, so access is not available several times a year.

Enrolment details on academic record

Your academic record shows some enrolment details, including the units you are enrolled in, the semester that you are enrolled and your study centre. If you are enrolled as a distance student, a D will appear before your study centre (eg, D/H), otherwise you are enrolled for on-campus study.

Your academic record also keeps track of how many units you have passed at each year level in each degree. This does not take into account credit and cross-institutional study which may be counted towards your degree, but it does give some indication of how close you are to graduation.

Results on your academic record

Your mark and grade or grades received. They appear in roughly the same format as grades and marks on your results page on the web. For example, DN/ 73 means that you received a grade of distinction and a mark of 73%. For more information regarding the grading system, see the "Legend of Results".

If you have been granted a deferred examination, that grade remains on your academic record. For example, it will appear as DO/CR/69. On your official academic transcript, however, the unit will show a mark of 69 and a grade of "Credit" recorded.

If you have been granted a supplementary examination, the mark which appears on your academic record is your original mark, even after you have sat and passed the supplementary exam. For example, it might appear as TS/SP/48, where 48% is the original mark, TS (Terminating Pass, supplementary examination granted) is the grade you originally received, and SP (Pass after supplementary examination) is the grade you received after your supplementary exam. This counts as a full pass, and on your official academic transcript would simply appear as "50PP".

Comments on academic record

There are a number of comments which appear on your academic record. Some are permanent and some are temporary. Not all comments appear on your official academic transcript.

Enrolment comments appear on your record for three months only, and then disappear. They also appear on your enrolment statement and may also be emailed to you. They indicate that there has been some problem with your enrolment which you need to correct. It is very important that you follow them up, otherwise you may find that you are incorrectly enrolled: this can result in a failure being recorded on your record, or not being able to receive a result for a unit.

When you receive approval to complete cross-institutional study, the academic will place a comment on your academic record indicating where you will be studying and which units they have approved.

Once you have completed your cross-institutional study, the comment approving the study will be replaced with a comment granting you credit for those units. This comment will also appear on your academic transcript, and is permanent.

Credit comments will also be placed on your academic record if you are granted credit towards your degree when you are offered a place in a course. They will indicate which units you have been credited for, or sometimes unspecified credit: e.g., 50% of year 1 of a Bachelor of Arts.

The Course Information Officers may place other comments on your record. Examples may include comments about enrolment restrictions (see "Conditions placed on probation" in the Probation information sheet), and comments about enrolment advice (e.g., "Student has been informed that KHA102 is surplus to requirements for the BA degree"). These comments are intended to help you keep track of your progress in your degree and record the advice that you have been given.

Academic Progress Review comments also appear on your academic record. See the "Probation and Exclusion" section for more information.