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Academic Transcripts

What is an academic transcript?

An academic transcript is an official document issued by the University as a record of all your completed units and results throughout your enrolment at the University of Tasmania.

Every university in Australia is required to release transcripts "without correction or erasure", which means that all units must be included. So even if you started one degree, then changed to another, and require only the results for the second degree, your transcript will still include the results for the first degree.

We issue academic transcripts in hard copy format and digitally through the My eQuals portal.

When do I need an academic transcript?

If you need a formal record of your University results, including a record of your graduation in a course, then you will need an academic transcript. Situations in which you might require an academic transcript might include job applications, applications for admission to other institutions, and professional registration.

How do I get an academic transcript?

Students can obtain official copies of their academic transcript in a number of ways:

  1. Apply and pay on line through eStudent
  2. Apply and pay over the counter with U Connect in Hobart or Launceston.
  3. Call U Connect on 1300 361 928 and pay over the phone
  4. Print a copy and post it to the Student Centre in Hobart or Launceston. Refer to the forms directory.

Completed forms together with the relevant payment should be forwarded to U Connect in Hobart or Launceston. Academic Transcripts are available for collection after 2pm on the working day after you have requested one, or they can be mailed to you.

Graduates are sent a complimentary transcript after their graduation ceremony and will receive a digital copy via My eQuals.

What appears on an academic transcript?

Your name, as it appears on your faculty record. If you have asked us to change your name, and you previously graduated under another name, your previous name will appear in the graduation comment at the bottom of the transcript.

Your student ID number.

The units you have studied and completed, listed by year in which you were enrolled, and by degree. All units appear, apart from units you withdrew from before the census date and units that you are currently enrolled in and do not have a result for. Transcripts cannot be produced for units that have blank results or a result of WT. Your academic transcript is a full and complete record of all your studies at UTAS since you first ever enrolled. We cannot remove particular units, courses or results.

The results you have gained for these units, including "Withdrawn deemed failed", "Withdrawn without Academic Penalty" and "Absent deemed Failed" results. Both percentage marks and grades will generally appear on your transcript. For example 85 HD, 62 CR.

Credit comments will appear on your transcript, and also comments recording cross-institutional study. However, the actual results for units from another institution will appear for withdrawn units on that institution's transcript.

Any official university prizes you have been awarded will appear on your transcript, including Dean's Roll of Excellence comments, and university scholarships.

If you have been excluded from your course at any stage, this will appear on your transcript. If you have successfully appealed, a comment will also appear recording that the appeal was successful.

If you have finished your studies, but have not yet graduated, a comment will appear saying that you have "Qualified for the <degree title>". Once you have graduated, this comment is changed to confirm the award has been conferred.