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Exam and Results Forms


Alternative Examination Arrangements (PDF 61.5 KB)

Alternative examination arrangements (PDF 61.5 KB) are intended to reduce the impact of a long-term or temporary disability or health condition for students sitting formal examinations.

We recommend that students with long-term needs for alternative examination arrangements make an appointment to have their requirements arranged through Disability Services, Student Centre. The Disability Adviser can also assist with other aspects of a student's disability related learning requirements. Information is available at Disability Services.

Students with temporary requirements which do not have an impact on other aspects of their study may use this form to apply for alternative arrangements for their examinations.

Application for Academic Transcript (PDF 118.9 KB)

Application for Academic Transcript (PDF 118.9 KB)

The charge for academic transcripts is $30 for a hard copy or $20 for digital copy issued through My eQuals. Postage is an additional charge (a range of postage options are available). Payment must be made at time of the request.

Academic transcripts can be ordered online (sign-in required). Current students must order online.

Academic transcripts requests received by 3.00 pm will be available for collection or postage after 2.00pm the following working day.

Transcripts and completion letters will not be released to a third party without the written consent of the student and will not be released to students who have a financial sanction for outstanding fees or charges.


Deferred Ordinary Examinations (PDF 58.9 KB)

Deferred Ordinary Examinations (PDF 58.9 KB)

If you are ill on the day of an examination or have other serious circumstances which prevent you from sitting an examination, you may apply for a deferred examination. If you are ill, you should see a doctor on the day of the examination and the doctor must return the form to the Exams Office within 3 working days of the examination.

Please note that having a medical certificate does not guarantee that a deferred examination will be approved. Further guidelines are contained on the last page of the form.


Examination Instructions for Students (PDF 301.9 KB)

Examination Instructions for Students (PDF 301.9 KB)

Outlines the rules under which your exams are conducted. You must read this before you sit any exams.


Legend of Results (PDF 415.5 KB)

Legend of Results (PDF 265.6 KB)

Description and explanation of result codes.


Request to sit an examination at an alternative campus (PDF 323.6 KB)

On-campus students are required by University Rule 6 to sit all examinations at the study centre (campus) at which they are enrolled. There are two exceptions to this rule:

  • Students who can demonstrate that sitting at their enrolled study centre will cause excessive hardship (supporting documentation required)
  • Students enrolled at two or more different study centres in the same semester (cross-campus study)

The above students may use this form to apply to move their examinations to another study centre (campus) in Tasmania only.

Off-campus students must use the relevant eForm to nominate exam venue. Please see 'Special Arrangements' section on Examinations page

Please note: examinations cannot be sat at Rozelle, Darlinghurst or overseas campuses.

Review of Assessment Form (LINK)

NB students at Shanghai Ocean University (SOU) require a different form. Please email to receive the correct form for your centre.

Prior to submitting a Review of Assessment, you are encouraged to discuss your assessment and/or exam script with your Unit Co-ordinator.

  • You may request to see your examination script. Your lecturer or another academic will normally be present to provide feedback while you look at the script. You should submit a request in writing to the school 5 working days in advance.
  • For feedback on your overall academic performance in a unit, you should contact your lecturer.
  • You may apply for a review of assessment up to 10 working days after the release of results.

Requests for reviews are sent by the Examinations Office to the Head of School, who will organise for another marker (if practicable) to re-mark the examination and check that all results have been included in the final mark.  If you are requesting a review of an assignment, please include a copy of the assignment with the application.  An Internal Assessment will only be reviewed under this application if you have discussed the outcome with your Unit Coordinator and if the internal assessment is the final major body of work for the unit. If you are requesting a review of your internal assessment, please include a copy with the application.

Schools are asked to finalise a review of assessment within four weeks, however this may take longer depending upon the remarking of the assessment. If you have requested a review for a unit for which you have been granted a supplementary grade, please be aware that it is highly unlikely that you will receive the outcome of the review before the date of your supplementary examination.


Special consideration in the marking of exams (Application for) (PDF 142.9 KB)

Special consideration in the marking of exams (Application for) (PDF 142.9 KB)

Students who have completed their examinations and who feel that they have been disadvantaged due to illness or other circumstances affecting their study, may use this form to request that their lecturer takes this into consideration when marking the examination. Forms should be submitted directly to the relevant school, accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation, as soon as possible after the completion of the examination. Granting of special consideration is at the discretion of the lecturer and school.