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Payment Due Dates

Not meeting your payment due date deadlines may mean enrolment CANCELLATION

Failure to meet the deadlines below will result in automatic cancellation of your enrolment.

Cancellation means that you will no longer be eligible to attend classes, sit examinations or graduate.

NOTE: Students who have had their enrolment cancelled will need to pay any relevant fees and apply for reinstatement

Semester 1 DUE DATE - 9 March 2020

Semester 2 DUE DATE - 27 July 2020

For enrolments in non-standard study periods (e.g. Summer, Winter and Spring) please refer to the due dates on your invoice (via eStudent) or on the Key Dates page.

Students in Commonwealth Supported Places

Students commencing a new course or changing courses -


  • Submit an eCAF Request for Commonwealth Support and HECS-HELP form, also referred to as Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF)*

Note: All students enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) must submit a HECS-HELP form, even if you are paying upfront, or are covered by a scholarship


  • Provide your Tax File Number on your eCAF in order to defer your Student Contribution (HECS) fees to a HECS-HELP loan


  • Make full up-front payment of your Student Contribution (HECS) amount by the relevant due date

Students in Fee Paying Places


  • Make full payment of your Tuition Fees (course fees)


  • Submit an eCAF request for FEE-HELP assistance* with your Tax File Number in order to defer your tuition fees to a FEE-HELP loan

* eligibility requirements and conditions apply - please refer to the Information for Commonwealth Supported Students or FEE-HELP Information booklets or visit Study Assist.

Requests for HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP may be lodged online under Commonwealth Assistance. Information booklets are available from UTAS Student Centres and online at Study Assist.

For instructions on how to pay your fees please refer to How To Pay

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

Eligible students must either submit a SA-Help request form or pay this fee up front by the due date.