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International Student Cancellation of Enrolment

Cancellation may occur at any stage after the passing of the census date/s applicable to your enrolment.

The Fees Unit will email you at various stages prior to cancellation advising you of your requirements in order for you to avoid cancellation.

If your enrolment is cancelled, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will be advised that you are no longer a student at the University and this may have an impact on your student visa.

To avoid cancellation:

If you believe you have already made payment you will need to:

  1. Check your receipts by logging in to your eStudent and clicking on the Finance tab. Ensure the view is not set to Current Debts only and scroll down to view Other Transactions.
  2. Check you have paid your fees in full, not just partial payment by logging in to your eStudent and clicking on the Finance tab. This page provides functionality to search for any outstanding amounts.

Payments made by the recommended payment options are usually allocated within 48 hours but can take longer if confirmation of your payment is delayed. If it has been longer than 5 working days since you made your payment and you cannot see a receipt in your eStudent, you will need to provide a copy of your payment transaction to the Student Centre or alternatively email a scanned copy to

If you have not paid your fees by the due date to avoid cancellation you must make payment.

You will find the amount to pay and the payment options on your most recent invoice by logging in to your eStudent and clicking on the Email My Tax Invoice button under the Finance tab. Once payment is made, please send a copy of the receipt to with your UTAS student ID number.

Payment Under Exceptional Circumstances

All students are required to pay their tuition fees by the due date specified on their invoice, as per the Payment Due Date and payment needs to be finalised no later than the census date. There may however be situations where you need consideration for a special payment arrangement. For further details please refer to the following documents: