Qantas Club Membership

University travellers can receive a discounted corporate rate for Qantas Lounge memberships, and staff members who personally pay their membership can salary sacrifice the cost of the fees.  Refer to Human Resources' Salary Sacrifice web page or Travel Portal for further details.

Membership Fees

Membership fees for Australian residents

Prices indicated are per member, in Australian dollars, include a once off joining fee, are inclusive of the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) and assume that the member is an Australian resident for Australian Tax purposes. The University is lucky to be entitled to a further 21% off the Membership Fee quoted on Qantas website due to the National University Agreement.

If you are joining or renewing your membership, please see the instructions below:

To join call 13 11 31,

  • enter frequent flyer number followed by #
  • press option 2 for Qantas Club
  • press option 2 for Qantas Club enquiries
  • press option 2 for Corporate Scheme
  • quote University of Tasmania scheme number #110002
  • process payment over the phone

The current rates can be found on the Qantas Club website