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Areas to Support

There are essentially three main areas to support at the University of Tasmania: people, research and infrastructure. Donations may also be directed to the area of greatest need within the University and can be made online, or by several alternative methods, such as by mail or funds transfer.


As the only university in the state, the University of Tasmania has a unique and distinctive position, nationally and internationally. It is the closeness of this relationship with Tasmania, in all senses, that defines us as an institution.

Most notably, the University of Tasmania is centred around people – students, staff and the wider community. Included here is an ongoing commitment to allow students from a wide spectrum of backgrounds access to a tertiary education, including those who may not have traditionally considered it in the past.

Increased tertiary participation across all age and social groups, assisted by targeted support to those in need, will greatly advantage Tasmania. We must therefore identify those experiences which will draw students to us as a destination of choice.

Donations to people can be made either through our scholarships program, or by supporting an academic position. Find out more.


The University of Tasmania has a long and distinguished history of innovation and research excellence. Our research cuts across a broad range of fields, from ocean and Antarctic studies, marine biodiversity, agriculture, creative digital industries and basic, clinical and population health.

Building on our distinctive island environment and intellectual capacity to solve global challenges, the University of Tasmania has cemented a position within the top 2% of research institutions worldwide.

Research donations can be directed to a general research fund within one of the institutes, study areas, or to a specific research project. Find out more.


The University of Tasmania is constantly seeking to improve and revitalise our campuses and learning environments for the benefits of our students, our staff and the broader Tasmanian community.

We are currently seeking benefactors for the The Hedberg, a creative industry and performing arts development in the Hobart CBD and The University of Tasmania Sports Fund. Find out more.