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A slice of university life

Georgia Griggs and Amy Madsen

Domino’s registered charity is backing our future generation of leaders.

Whether it’s raising livestock, or trading on the stock market, rural students striving for a career in agriculture and business are being given the chance to study at the University of Tasmania, thanks to Domino’s registered charity, Give for Good.

As the charity celebrates the graduation of the first two Tasmanian scholarship recipients— Amy Madsen and Georgia Griggs— it has signalled its support for the next generation of scholars by generously providing an additional six scholarships to Tasmanian students.

From a student who has been working on a dairy since she was 14, to a humanitarian refugee who wants to forge a career in business, there are now eight new students benefiting from their scholarships.

Domino’s Give for Good scholarships, under the charity’s education focus of giving, are concentrated on building a future generation of leaders. The scholarships provide $5,000 a year for up to four years to students who demonstrate financial need and academic merit, and come from a rural area.

Meet the first Give for Good scholars to graduate from the University of Tasmania.

Amy Madsen
Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture and Business) 2020

Looking back, how did the Domino’s Give for Good scholarship support you during your studies?

“Growing up on a merino sheep farm located in a small rural community on the East Coast of Tasmania meant I had to relocate to Hobart for the duration of my degree. For this reason, the Give for Good scholarship has helped immensely with the major financial pressures involved in this transition including rent, stationery, text books, furniture, household bills, food, and petrol expenses.

“The Give for Good scholarship also allowed me to participate in two short-term study abroad programs in Peru and Indonesia, as it helped cover the major travel expenses including flights, accommodation and spending money.”

Long-term, what is your dream job or area to move into within the industry?

“Long-term my dream position would be to open up my own agriculture sustainability consultancy business in Tasmania with the concepts of biological/organic farming, regenerative practices, holistic farming and agroforestry central.

“I would like to share my knowledge and passion with farmers, and other people interested in sustainable farming practices. Integrating automation and technology on-farm will be a major focus of my business. Incorporating global travel into my career would be my lifetime dream.

“Long-term I see myself moving home to my family farm on the East Coast of Tasmania and establishing a vineyard and opening up a cellar door and/or an Airbnb tourism experience and building my very own home next to the beach looking over across to the Hazards in Freycinet National Park.”

Georgia Griggs
Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture and Business) 2020

Looking back, how did the Domino’s Give for Good scholarship support you during your studies?

“I’m so thankful to have been awarded this scholarship. It helped immensely during my studies. Ultimately to me,  it meant I didn’t have to stress about finding a part-time job and then juggle my workload, as I was able to remain living at home.

“I was able to focus solely on university, and because I didn’t have a job to get to, I was able to take breaks for my mental health. For example, I used a small portion of it to take myself on a small trip between semesters to Cradle Mountain – which was an amazing reset for my brain.

I don’t think I could ever adequately thank Domino’s Give for Good for the support I’ve received over the past three years, it’s an amazing initiative.”

Long-term, what is your dream job or area to move into within the industry?

“I have two dream positions. My first and foremost one is to do Agronomy consultancy/ sales Agronomy. But one day I’d also love to give fruit marketing a go. That’s the main reason I elected to do the Ag Science/ Business degree, I didn’t want to lock myself just into one avenue.”

The University of Tasmania’s 2020 recipients  of Domino’s Give for Good Scholarships are;
Jordan Burr, Nellie Gillespie, Hayley Doohan,  Alice Baty, Ben Spinks, Lesley Mitchell,  Jordan Talbot, Ghulum Abbas Rajab Ali

Image: Domino’s Give for Good scholarship recipients Georgia Griggs, left, and Amy Madsen.
Published on: 29 Jun 2021 11:45am