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Shine with the brilliance of the Southern Lights - student support Appeal launched

Declan Porter

The University has launched the 2021 Southern Lights Scholarship Appeal to help assist our students, like new undergraduate Declan Porter.

Declan was a kid who always loved English and was well-versed in Shakespeare even while in primary school.

Encouraged by Mr Bird, his English teacher at Latrobe High, Declan turned to books into his passion. His dream was to turn that love of literature into a career and inspire other hungry young minds.

But there were obstacles to Declan attending university - his father wanted him to join the family business and fix tractors, while his mother had battled illness for years and could no longer work.

Although immensely proud of her son, Declan’s mother didn’t have the means to support his study. But earlier this year, Declan was awarded a Southern Lights Access Scholarship valued at $5,000 per year which will help cover living expenses and textbooks and let him to focus on the degree that will enable him to teach. Now Declan will be the first in his family to attend university.

Southern Lights Access Scholarships were created for students just like Declan. Since access scholarships were introduced in 1995, thousands of students with huge potential but limited means have been given access to a university degree once beyond their reach.

The Executive Director of Advancement, Kate Robertson said all gifts to the Appeal, regardless of size would have an immediate and tangible impact on our students.  “Southern Lights Access Scholarships are entirely funded by gifts to the University and they have the potential to change lives,” Kate said.

If you would like to help lift educational attainment – a critical priority for the University and an essential focus for our State – please make your tax-deductible donation now.

Your gift today will give more eager minds an opportunity to shine bright, just like our Southern Lights. Thank you.

Published on: 28 Jun 2021 11:29am