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Your Gift Changes Lives

Gifts to the University of Tasmania have a great positive impact on the lives of all concerned, including students, donors, research and teaching staff.

The late Bess Kable, Scholarship Supporter

"Supporting students through a scholarship in memory of my son has added another dimension to my life. It keeps me going when I hear from past students at Christmas time or, as recently, when they send me flowers. I've been fortunate to have met a delightful and diverse group of awardees over the 17 years of supporting the scholarship. It is an especially wonderful way to help students particularly those from out of Hobart."

Edward Snowball, Scholarship Recipient

Warren Lee Memorial Scholarship

"This scholarship has enabled me to study without having to work part-time. Brighton Council has supported me financially through this scholarship and given me the opportunity to gain work experience with the Council which has provided me with insight into my future career as an engineer."

Kristen Kay, Scholarship Recipient

Annual Appeal Scholarship

"As the first in my family to attend university, receiving the Annual Appeal scholarship was amazing! I'm honoured to have people believing in my journey and it has given me the confidence to know I can get this degree. The relief it brought as I prepared to move to Hobart was remarkable, knowing I had support. It has allowed my first semester to be centred around learning and making the most of every opportunity that arises, preparing myself in the best possible way for success during and after my degree. The Annual Appeal scholarship is a vital part of me achieving my goals and now I feel my goals are clearly in my sights."

Mark Tiitinen, Annual Appeal Supporter

"The bottom line is I gave because I was asked. And I can.

Initially, I conceptualised my donation specifically in terms of a one-off event to assist UTAS student victims of the bushfires and I didn't really think of my donation occurring within the framework of a larger and on-going campaign. However, I got to thinking about the larger picture and I now see the Annual Appeal in its on-going form as a worthy cause helping students. As a past graduate of UTAS, having been in their shoes I know I would have appreciated the financial assistance."

Jade Fountain, Scholarship Recipient

Lois and Alan Dann Scholarship; UTAS Exchange Program funded by Konica Minolta

"I feel like UTAS allowed me to soar. UTAS opened doors to my career and made opportunities possible. I thank the University of Tasmania, Konica Minolta and Lois and Alan Dann for helping me get to where I am. I can honestly say my UTAS years have been the best of my life – let's forget the studying and exams, but the doors that open, the people you meet and the experiences you have are the important things."

Find out more about Jade in her YouTube video

June Hazzlewood, Regular Giver

"Over the years I have been a student at UTAS, graduating with several qualifications and in 2006 I received my post-retirement PhD not long after turning seventy five. In one way or another I have remained engaged with UTAS and I am glad I can give back to UTAS.

It is wonderful to give and see positive outcomes as a consequence of my giving. I enjoy helping people reach their optimum potential and I feel that, while not missed by me, the regular amounts that automatically come out of my account once a month are doing somebody some good."

Joshua Morse, Scholarship Recipient

Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Laws Federation Scholarship in Law, and Global Resource Solutions Scholarship in Business

"Spending my second semester at the University of Ottawa where I studied International Investment Law was an experience that opened my eyes to the world. It took me out of my comfort zone and challenged my thinking which had been limited to looking at life from an Australian's perspective. I really cannot quantify this opportunity to look at Australia's issues from the 'outside'. It has enabled me to build professional relationships that will further my future prospects. This fantastic exchange has bolstered my confidence to pursue my ambitions of a career in global transactional banking."

Find out more about Joshua in his YouTube video

Riak Ngor-Apuol, Scholarship Recipient

Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science (Applied Maths) and Recipient of the Soren Nielsen Travelling Scholarship in Engineering

“It was a massive opportunity and help for me financially and in many other ways. Apart from the study, the exchange gave me the chance to gain a further understanding of the person I am. I managed to mature in a way I probably would not have if I stayed here, meet amazing people from everywhere and seeing a lot of places that I would not have if I hadn’t received the scholarship. The exchange has given me more courage to try something different.”

Laura McIlhenny, Scholarship Recipient

Tim Hawkins Memorial Scholarship

"Meeting survivors of the conflict in the Former Yugoslavia, and reading their testimonies in the course of my work, has reinforced my determination to forge a career which will enable me to work towards a fairer and more just world. I am so grateful for the opportunity of the Tim Hawkins Memorial Scholarship which will enable me to do this."