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Annual Appeal Scholarship helping students shine bright

Tyeisha Hinds, Annual Appeal Scholarship recipient 2018

The University of Tasmania’s Scholarship program provides students with significant financial and academic support and, wherever possible, creates an opportunity for someone to attend University who might otherwise not be able.

Tyeisha Hinds was the recipient of the 2018 Annual Appeal Scholarship and thanks to donors who believe that education is the investment with a greatest return, she is now studying a Bachelor of Education and hopes to pass on her love of learning to future generations.

Here we share Tyeisha’s letter of thanks.

I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for being awarded the Annual Appeal Scholarship.
The support of this scholarship has been significantly beneficial in the development and progress of my learning pathway. Not only has it benefited me financially, but it has given me a strong drive and level of determination to succeed.

Commencing an undergraduate course in 2018, I was sceptical of my ability to balance work, family, study and other life commitments. Being from a rather small town, I was also doubtful of my ability to succeed in such an environment. However, the financial side of the scholarship assisted me in that it provided me with assistance to travel to campus and study, but also meant I did not have to take on such a heavy work load as I was supported by the scholarship. This decreased the level of stress and angst I had around balancing such commitments.

As mentioned, the Annual Appeal Scholarship gave me a strong will to succeed, in that it possesses an on-going eligibility requiring a minimum pass result in all units, which not only promoted a sense of accountability, but purpose and ambition. Therefore, I used this as power to motivate me and obtain high results in my studies.

Overall, the scholarship has assisted me in several ways, and I am so immensely grateful to be given the opportunity to further my studies as a result. I am hoping that in the future I will graduate as a teacher and go on to teach in a school where I can help students like myself realise their potential and abilities.

I thank the support and generosity of alumni and University of Tasmania’s Annual Appeal.

Kind Regards, Tyeisha Hinds

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Published on: 06 Oct 2020 8:54am